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Web Designer Jobs In Chennai

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Website Designer Jobs

  1. Shopify

  2. Wordpress

  3. WooCommerce

  4. Wix

  5. Magento

  6. And other similar platforms. You must be comfortable working with Themes, Banners, Plugoins, Extensions and Optimizations. YOu must also be comfortable working with advanced technologies like:

  7. CDNs

  8. Domain Providers

  9. Web Hosting Services Knowledge of FTP clients and SSH clients is a requisite. In terms of web technologies, you should be comfortable with:

  10. HTML

  11. CSS

  12. JS

  13. Jquery

  14. JSON

  15. Graphic Design Knowledge on the web and app development side - knowledge of PHP, MariaDB, NGINX and Cordova is a bonus, but not strictly required for the position. You will be given websites to handle across all of these CMS platforms and will be responsible for:

  1. Understanding the client's requirement

  2. Designing the website based on the same.

  3. Updating the content on the website

  4. Keeping the website updated, secure and backed up. This is a full-time job in Chennai. We value every contribution to our team.

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