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Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Basmati Rice Brand | Strategy

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Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Basmati Rice Brand

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  1. The plan of action for the basmati rice brand is to establish a strong presence in the South by using local influencers as part of a coordinated campaign.

  2. We ’d shortlist a group of influencers drawn primarily from the food, lifestyle, and cooking categories. These would be people with a minimum of 50,000 followers on Instagram; or 1,00,000 followers on Youtube.

  3. We’d ideate a campaign brief (in the local language) involving (say time tested recipes, delivered in Tamil (and other southern regional languages). Optionally, we can also do a “Down Memory Lane” style throwback video in Black and White featuring some of our Instagram Influencers.

  4. The influencers would deliver their content under the main brand umbrella hashtag and tag our social media channels as well. The posting will be coordinated, timeline-wise, in order to ensure maximum distribution.

  5. We will be responsible for shortlisting the influencers, negotiating prices, fixing the influencer brief, and executing the campaign (with reporting) in exchange for a handling fee.

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