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Search Engine Optimization and Instagram Promotion Services for a Hospitality Brand


How We Monetise On Instagram
  1. When it comes to SEO, the key would be long-tail ranking for celebrity-based and brand-based keywords. We could create content and upload it to the WordPress website based on SEO best practices.

  2. We can also perform the On page optimization for the website, including things like HTML Improvements, Search Console Fixes, Meta Descriptions and ALT Tags.

  3. We ’d then embark on a backlink-building strategy, which would over time result on the website organically ranking on the first page of Google Search.

  4. Google Search Console would guide us on any technical aspects of the website that need to be fixed, which we can work on in consultation with the technical team. Typical issues would be performance, mobile optimization and structured data.

  5. When it comes to Instagram Promotions, we can use the artists who are performing to tag the Instagram page based on their events and that will result in follower growth; we can also take the help of artist-fan page.

  6. We can run Instagram ads which would have the dual purpose of driving follower growth (on a cascading, reducing Cost per Follower model) and also land users on specific event based pages on the website.

  7. We can divide up our ad budget into event-specific and company-specific. If we accompany this with a similarly divided SEM campaign, then we can get traffic to our website for specific event pages.

  8. We can measure the performance of our Instagram page, and web marketing through the help of a live Google Data Studio report


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