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Social Media Advertising And Google Ad Strategies For A Wellness Brand | Strategy

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Social Media Advertisement And Google Ad Strategies For A Wellness Brand

Creative social media advertising to boost business
  1. The plan of action for the wellness brand is to handle advertising (paid marketing) across three platforms in order to build brand engagement and drive conversions.

  2. The first part of the plan would be Google Ads (paid to Google) wherein we ’d run ads against specific keywords in order to direct people to the optimized landing page on our website; and increase conversions in a particular locale.

  3. Where a Database is available we can use Custom audiences to target similar audiences. We can use influencers to build the initial base of content, till we get a photoshoot done. We can also arrive at a Cost Per Lead within 45 days of the ad

  4. The second part would involve Instagram ads (paid to Facebook) wherein we ’d target a slightly younger demographic with brand-building and engagement-centric ads in order to increase the CTR on our other advertising platforms.

  5. We ’d be able to measure the performance using Google Data Studio reports which can be live updated.

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