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Social Media Advertising for an Online Fashion Company


Social Media Advertising for an Online Fashion Company
  1. The plan of action for the online fashion company is to manage their digital ads (primarily social media) in order to ensure maximum ROI.

  2. We’d recommend we split our advertising into three - the first would be engagement-centric ads. These don’t directly contribute to sales - but are essential for the overall brand awareness. In the long term - this would generate higher value transactions on-site.

  3. The second part of our social media ads would be to retarget existing visitors and customers on our site. Because of the nature of our business, we can take reasonable comfort that visitors to the website have some sales intent. Therefore by retargeting them on social media (with a coupon code) we can increase our sales.

  4. The third type of ad that we can run would be “lookalike audience”. Instead of explicitly trying to define an audience category we can target audiences that look similar to the audiences that visit our website. We can geo-fence these ads to ensure sales primarily in the South of India.

  5. We can set up one data studio report which can track all three types of ads in real-time.


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