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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, And Influencer Marketing For An Ayurvedic Healthcare Clinic


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  1. The strategy for the ayurvedic healthcare clinic involves content creation (social media marketing), social media advertising (paid marketing), influencer marketing; with a customized “south India” centric approach in order to ensure maximum penetration in the region.

  2. We’d begin by setting up a content calendar which would dictate the kinds of posts that would go up on social media. The primary platforms of reach would be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Business Profiles.

  3. The content would be info-mercial in nature with creatives in local language (celebrating local culture and events) about the VOPD services offered, the medicines on sale and “info” videos made based on local language animation style adaptations of the main videos given in Hindi (VO would be at actuals).

  4. We’d also be setting up an advertising strategy that would revolve around Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google (Paid ads). These ads can serve as yardsticks for demand; and help us drive engagement/enquiries through social media. We can target and customize them based on specific regions of South India; and push them to people who are already looking for such treatments.

  5. We can also scale these ads based on the response per region, per platform; and especially after we open actual physical locations in a Region. Local Google Ads Budgets can be enhanced in order to drive footfalls to the location.

  6. We can also engage with influencers (on a barter/micropayment basis) wherein they can co-create reels explaining one of our medicines/treatments. These reels can be shared back to our main page for the South and thereby lend it credibility among the local populace.

  7. The overall rationale for the strategy involves the establishment of a strong, distinct brand in the South through independent social media pages. We can set up a Data studio report which will help us track the performance of our ads, influencers (through affiliates) and content across social media.


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