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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, And SEO Services For A Stock Broking Company Called Enrich M...

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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, And SEO Services For A Stock Broking Company Called Enrich Money In Chennai | Strategy

Expert SEO Content To Boost Web Traffic Sales
  1. The strategy for the stock broker is a mix of social media marketing, digital marketing and influencer marketing; with a view to lead generation.

  2. There are broadly two endpoints for the activity: one would be qualified leads on the website, and the other would be enhancing brand presence to increase the value of the incoming leads

  3. When it comes to the digital side of things, we ’d suggest a blend of display marketing (retargeting banners), SEO and SEM. On the SEO and SEM fronts, we ’d use organic backlinking and content generation to increase the ranking of the website on Google.

  4. We ’d also work closely with the web team in order to suggest ongoing web optimizations to increase the SEO and SEM effectiveness of the site. We ’d also retarget the users who have visited the landing pages on other websites (Like Moneycontrol) in order to enhance conversion rates

  5. When it comes to the Social media side of things, we ’d set up a content calendar which would span Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This would include videos, GIFs, Infographics and other types of posts that will enhance social visibility.

  6. Ideas for content would include things like Stock Fundamental Analysis, quotes from famous investors (Video excerpts from interviews) and interview-style videos from management. Travel, board and actors if required would be at actual

  7. We ’d be setting up a Data Studio Report which would help track our ad spends across platforms in real time.

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