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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Website Development Services for an Automation Company


Get complete website development and maintenance
  1. The strategy for the automation company is divided into social media marketing, social media advertising, website designing.

  2. When it comes to the website, we’d set it up on Wix because of the speed, security and mobile optimization. We will connect the domain to the Wix hosting (at actuals).

  3. We’d then select a template based on the references provided. We’d work with the internal teams to expand on the most relevant search engine friendly, write content and banners for the website.

  4. We’d set up the menus, banners and content for the website; with a Home, About, Product, Pricing, Resources and Contact us option. We’d also connect the website (developed in a month, based on inputs) to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Microsoft Clarity.

  5. We’d then begin work on the social media marketing, and video creation aspect of the strategy. We’d work on the content plan and create a mix of animated videos, actor-based product demo videos (actor cost at actuals), static posts and blog articles.

  6. Ideas for content would include things like product feature updates, case studies and testimonials from previous customers. The content can be published on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We can leverage both internal resources and paid tools to enhance the quality of our content.

  7. We can also initiate an SEO strategy wherein we create content which would go up on our website, and then build backlinks to it so that over time our website ranks on the first page of Google Search.

  8. Once we have a base of content, we can create LinkedIn Ads (paid marketing) to increase social engagement, and build a Google Ads funnel. We would take care of setting up the campaigns, optimizing the landing pages and reporting on the same in exchange for a handling fee.

  9. With regard to the LinkedIn ads, we can target by industry, job function, experience and location to reach CTOs, CIOsn and CXOs of our various target market companies

  10. We’d be able to measure the progress of the traffic, website and ads using a live Google Data Studio report


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 63850 84122

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