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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce Website, and Marketplace Listing for a Masala Brand


Digital Media Advertising Company
  1. The strategy for the masala brand is divided into social media marketing, E-commerce website, marketplace listing.

  2. In the first phase we ’d recommend Shopify as a platform for E-commerce dev because of security, performance and integrations. We ’d select a theme (at actuals) and setup Shopify Hosting (at actuals).

  3. We ’d take white background shots of the products, and also set up the website in terms of banners, menus and content (based on the inputs provided).

  4. We ’d set up the payment gateway and shipping partner (who would charge at actuals on a transaction basis, apart from Shopify ’ s transaction charge). In terms of content we can focus on the origin of the brand, the benefits of the mother ’ s recipe, and the ease of use.

  5. Once the website is ready (based on content this could take 1 month) we ’d integrate with social media, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Centre, and Clarity.

  6. We ’d then begin the process of social media marketing - which consists of content creation, advertising and influencer marketing. We ’d set up a calendar and post regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

  7. Posts would focus on the various recipes that can be made using our spices, the history of each spice; and the health benefits of the product. We can also content contests to boost engagement.

  8. We ’d tie up with influencers to have them create content in exchange for a mico<1>payment/barter. These could be popular home chefs in Tamil Nadu.

  9. We ’d also be running ads (Paid to Facebook) in order to boost the engagement of the brand among target users; as well as drive traffic to the website, thereby boosting sales.

  10. Once we ’ ve achieved a solid social media presence, we can begin the process of interacting with marketplaces like Amazon to get our listings set up (we ’d provide the content and listing optimization). We ’d also be able to measure our progress through Live Google Data Studio reports


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 63850 84122

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