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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategies for a Business Migration Company


  1. The strategy for the business migration company is divided into social media marketing (through LinkedIn), performance marketing to drive enquiries on google ads.

  2. The idea behind social media marketing is to create a strong and vibrant presence on LinkedIn through the use of a content calendar. The page would be regularly updated with posts, Pulse blog content and short videos (based on inputs provided).

  3. Ideas for the content would include things like testimonials of entrepreneurs assisted, a highlight of the opportunities available in a particular region and the various legal aspects of each country vis a vis the ease of business migration.

  4. We can reserve a token budget on LinkedIn ads (paid to LinkedIn) in order to increase the engagement of the content and project a strong presence on the platform.

  5. To round out our social media marketing strategy we can add in Facebook content creation and Facebook Ads (paid to Facebook). When it comes to the content, instead of having distinct pages moving in separate directions, we can target the individual items of content (which would highlight the connections of the business) to the respective target customer split on whether they fall under B2C or B2B (franchising).

  6. We can run ads on Facebook which will enhance the content reach and get us leads which can be moved through an automated funnel of a chatbot to facilitate better conversion.

  7. We can also run Google Ads (performance marketing, paid to Google) in order to tap into the audience who are searching for keywords like “Business visa ” in a particular target market. These clicks would direct to specific landing pages on the site (which we would help set up in conjunction with the tech team) and thereby give us leads. We ’d be measuring the performance of our content and ads using a Live Google Data Studio report.


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