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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategies for a Cloud Kitchen Company

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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For A Cloud Kitchen Company

Digital Advertising Is Effective
  1. The strategy for the Cloud Kitchen Company is divided into social media marketing, social media advertising.

  2. The strategy for the cloud kitchen is a mix of social media marketing, influencer marketing and advertising with a two-phase rollout of brand awareness and sales growth. When it comes to the content creation/curation part we ’d set up a content plan with an Instagram and Facebook focus. We ’d also use a high-degree of self-created/curated visual content in the form of reels, stories and GIFS on the page.

  3. Ideas for content would include things like a walkthrough of the kitchen, the history of the menu and eating challenges that we can host in conjunction with influencers. We can schedule once-monthly shoots with the cost of VO/travel/props at actuals.

  4. We ’d also be running influencer activities wherein we ’d micro-pay/barter with influencers to have them create reels about the brand. These can be shared on our page as well for higher engagement levels.

  5. We can focus our ads (paid to Facebook) on initially generating engagement for the page in the form of a geo-fenced audience; and thereon to drive traffic to our own delivery channels and delivery partners. We ’d be able to measure the impact of these ads in the form of a live Data Studio report.

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