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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For A Water Treatment MNC | Strategy


Unique social media advertising campaigns
  1. The strategy for the water treatment MNC involves a mix of social media marketing (content planning, creation - organic), Community Management (Organic) and advertising (Brand building, inorganic/paid).

  2. When it comes to the content planning section, we ’d lay out a content calendar that will draw inspiration from the roots of the company while at the same time presenting it as a global player (keeping in mind the presence of local pages in certain regions). This will dictate the kinds of posts, blogs, videos, and animations that would go out on LinkedIn and the website (To be scaled to other platforms)

  3. Ideas for content would include long-form content on company history, animated videos (with Voice Overs at actuals) on current water trends, projects, and treatment, techniques; and interactive posts to galvanize the community - serving as potential talent base.

  4. We ’d tailor the content based on industry best practices and keep in mind the legal requirements of a listed company.

  5. When it comes to community moderation (we can use social listening tools to keep a watch conversations on LinkedIn and other web/social platforms - at actuals) in order to be part of conversations around selected regions on water treatment.

  6. When it comes to inorganic ads (paid to LinkedIn) we can set up campaigns designed to build followers among target audiences of both governments around the world as well as heavy industries. This can highlight the company, the case study of work and challenges facing the current market.

  7. We ’d be able to measure our performance through the use of Google Data Studio - which would be a live updating report.


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