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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For An Apparel Brand | Strategy


Advertising On Instagram Is Rewarding
  1. The strategy for the apparel brand (and the ensuing budget allocation) is spread across social media marketing (Content creation on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest), Social Media Advertising (paid to the platform, and handling fee to the agency) and influencer marketing (paid to the influencer, and handling fee to the agency).

  2. When it comes to the organic social media marketing section, the rationale for choosing these platforms is because of the ROI. We ’d create a content calendar and create content across platforms. These would include short videos, posts, reels, GIFs and stories.

  3. The products can be brought into our studio for visual content production (Voice over, if required, and props, would be at actuals). Ideas for content would include styling tips, care tutorials, and customer testimonials/industry trends.

  4. We can also link back the content to the e-commerce site for maximizing conversion. When it comes to ads (paid to platform) we ’d set up a targeting (based on interest categories, with a conversion goal) and retargeting (based on checkout visitors, with a conversion goal) ad across platforms.

  5. These would be designed towards increasing engagement/views of the content and increasing sales - the former serving as a base for the launch of new collections/products.

  6. When it comes to influencer marketing, we ’d identify potential fashion influencers every month across YouTube and Instagram and send them our products in a barter+ (negotiated) cash exchange. We ’d handle shortlisting of influencers and execution, in exchange for a handling fee.

  7. When it comes to tracking performance across our three main categories, we ’d plug a Data Studio report which will help us measure in real-time.


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