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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy For A Biryani Brand In Chennai


Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy

  1. The strategy for the Biryani brand’s Chennai launch is divided into three major categories - social media marketing, social media advertising and influencer marketing.

  2. When it comes to social media marketing - we will be setting up a content calendar based on the brand’s objective (of launch) and developing content according to the same. This would involve posters, banners, GIFS, Reels and stories. We would visit the Chennai branch and create content. Ideas for content would include things like the uniformity in the flavour of the viryani across our branches, the legacy of the dish, and the hospitality with which we treat our customers.

  3. We would also run social media ads (paid to Facebook) wherein we would increase the engagement on the content among people surrounding our restaurant interested in biryani as well as increase the brand awareness for the brand as a whole.

  4. We would engage with influencers as part of the launch of the brand and have each one of them visit the location in the run-up to the opening.

  5. We’d also setup a Data Studio report which would serve as a dashboard to measure ROI on the amount spent.

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