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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategy for a Chit Business


Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy For A Chit Business

  1. The strategy for the Chit Business is divided into two sections - social media marketing and social media advertising.

  2. When it comes to the social media marketing section - we’d be setting up a content plan which would dictate the kinds o posts that would go out on Facebook and Instagram. We can also cross-post the content on Google Business as well.

  3. The ideas that we can execute on for the content would include breaking the myths (and negativity) around teh chit business, tagging our locations in order to show that we are a legit brand, and comparing our offerings (for the salaried class) to other products offered by traditional financial institutions.

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  1. When it comes to the ads section (paid to Facebook, variable) we can divide it into two separate sections: one would be centred on growing engagement with teh content that we create, while the other be centred on generating leads (by means of a WhatsApp CTA). While we can expect a higher number of enquiries given the nature of our business, the conversion rate of social media is generally lower. We can target the salaried class located around our branches looking to make financial investment and savings. We can take advantage of the fact that during the pandemic people have been pushed to save in terms of steady-return schemes.

  2. We can also set up a Data Studio report which would show us how our content and ads are performing in real-time.

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