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Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing for an Ethnic Resort Brand


Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing for an Ethnic Resort Brand
  1. The strategy for the ethnic resort brand is divided into three parts - social media marketing, social media advertising, and influencer marketing.

  2. When it comes to social media marketing the key element is content creation and content curation. With regard to content creation, the elements that we will have to focus on would be reels, photos, and stories. We’d have our team visit the locations (at actuals) and shoot content that can be used on our social media. The content would be shot in line with our content calendar. Ideas for content would include things like Tales from the land - a collection of local stories in each of the locations where our resorts are located, the Indian Gourmet - a showcase of food from our restaurants, and staycation packages.

  3. When it comes to the social media ads (paid to Facebook) we’d run targeted ads looking at people interested in travel and stay to both increase engagement and direct people to our website where they can make a direct booking (without OTAs).

  4. When it comes to influencer marketing we’d have to select influencers close to our locations to have them visit the resorts (travel at actuals) and pay them to create content (reels work the best) about the stay. We’d handle the coordination and negotiation with influencers in exchange for a handling fee.

  5. We would set up a Data Studio report so that management can have a bird’s eye view of our entire marketing activity.


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