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Social Media Marketing, SMA, SMA App Downloads, Google Ads and SEO Strategies for an Interior Des...

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Social Media Marketing, SMA, SMA App Downloads, Google Ads And SEO Strategies For An Interior Design Marketplace App | Strategy

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  1. The strategy for the interior design marketplace app is to build a robust supply and demand side funnel using social media marketing and Google Marketing.

  2. When it comes to the social media marketing side of things, we ’d set up a content calendar that would be split down the middle into building designers on the platform and generating demand among potential customers. Posts, videos, and GIFs would go out on Instagram and Facebook based on the input provided.

  3. Content ideas would include things like a highlight of the top designers and their work on the platform; case studies of work completed using the platform; and the plethora of value-added services that the platform provides in terms of consultation.

  4. We ’d also be running ads on Facebook and Instagram to increase the visibility and engagement of the content among potential audience buckets. This will build credibility and generate critical mass among the designers and also encourage customers to download the app.

  5. We ’d be running ads on Google to target potential customers searching for our designers and interior design<1>related terms in our target cities.

  6. We ’d also use SEO to build long<1>term sustainable traffic for the designers based on their brand names on the platform

  7. We ’d be able to measure the performance of our Google and Social Media Marketing using a Google Data Studio to which we can connect various data sources.

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