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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, And Google Ad Strategies For A Real Estate Comp...

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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, And Google Ad Strategies For A Real Estate Company

Digital Advertising Is Effective
  1. The overall strategy for the real estate company as a whole is derived from the plan for the launch of the specific project.

  2. We ’d divide our activities into two distinct areas - content creation (with a view to branding) and lead generation.

  3. When it comes to content generation, we’d set up a content plan which would guide the posts, videos, gifs, and reels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business and YouTube.

  4. We ’d bridge the content gap by dividing our audience based on the platform and the kinds of customers they could be. This would include NRI customers, Real Estate Investors, and End-consumers (People with the intent to stay).

  5. We can focus on the future prospects of the area, and the amenities that would arrive over time; and the rapid price appreciation that could be possible to investors (both resident and NRI)

  6. When it comes to the ads section (paid marketing) we ’d further divide it into a brand building related ads and lead generation-based ads across platforms.

  7. While we tend to see a higher volume of leads from platforms like Facebook, the quality of leads has been found t be better on Google, and we ’d skew our budgets accordingly.

  8. We ’d run engagement, lead generation, and retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram; along with retargeting ads on YouTube. On LinkedIn, We ’d target investors and NRI customers; and on Google, we ’d work on both Organic as well as Inorganic (paid) marketing.

  9. We ’d build content on our website which with the help of backlinks will help us rank on the first page over time. We ’d also consult on landing page optimization and manage Google Ads to ensure maximum conversions against specific search terms.

  10. We ’d be able to measure our performance for the ads and the organic content through the use of one comprehensive Data Studio Report

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