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We all know that we live in a hyper-connected world. For many reasons, this connectivity was made possible because and only because of the Internet. And then came email, Internet messaging services, social networking apps, and many others. While everything helped with the idea of connecting remotely with everyone, the arena of marketing is one place that we didn’t see coming. 

Marketing wasn’t digital until the last decade or even for some years after that. Not many companies felt the need for adapting to digital marketing. 

Fast-forward to until five years before, a steep rise in digital marketing has entailed its necessity. One of the early adopters of the digital marketing wave is Sociall.In, a creative digital marketing company in the bustling economic hubs of India. 

So, what brings you readers here and what is this article about? 

Call it a resume for inciting some interest into you and maybe instil our idea of what digital marketing is. (P.S.: There’s more to this than another article that you flip/scroll through during your morning sip)


Let’s admit it. India wasn’t all okay with the transition to digital. At least not when it really seemed to matter. For most years, our history was about aping the West when they emphasized the importance of technological convenience. Hoping that it could make a change in our lives (it did, eventually), today, we are on the brink of a major digital transformation that can explode any minute. So why are we giving this foreword to you? Read further. Coming from the prestigious V.G.P group that was a real estate consortium back in the mid 1900s, Pradeep Rajadas is a millennial entrepreneur who took the path quite unknown to many let alone his own family - The plunge into digital marketing.

Social.In is a creative studio based in Chennai, India that wears a decorated hat in digital marketing. Founded in 2013 with humble beginnings, the digital marketing company took to explore what the hype was all about digital marketing. The catch here is “explore” and not be a contender in this particular space, at least not initially.

There were hardly few brands that realized the golden goose in the form of digital marketing. As with any company that is new to something, Sociall.In had to juggle too many clubs in two hands. From learning and experimenting the tools to pitching to clients and managing the vibrant workforce, Sociall.In has handled it effortlessly. With over 40 members under our creative umbrella, the digital marketing company in Chennai has a host of services to offer for your growing business.


There’s a vast difference between the digital marketing that happens inside large sky-piercing buildings and the kind of digital marketing that happens to serve mushrooming businesses. Sociall.In is best known for the latter part but never turns down the opportunities from the former. 

In all seriousness, what is that we do for our clients in terms of digital marketing? 

Firstly, there is a host of services that we provide using digital channels as the medium. By taking a look at them one by one, the significance of why you should afford our digital marketing service will dawn upon you. If observed closely, we are distinct and specific towards how we serve our clients. Sociall.In categorizes its digital marketing services across four domains - Social, Digital, Content 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed our lives for better (or worse) inside out in all aspects of our life. A decade ago, our decision-making for buying something was solely dependent on our personal need and inherent satisfaction. That scenario has changed for good by helping aware of the choices they need to before buying something. 

Social Media Marketing is one great way to proliferate on what we want to market to the world. Be it, your personal wellness blog, or the next productivity app. All of those need an audience to see/hear what you do where they come often. 

Our social media experts work towards creating the best strategies that get the most eyeballs for your business. Beyond that, we are ardent practitioners of creativity in what we do. We offer social media marketing for businesses using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Content Marketing

Content is the driving force to how people interpret and assimilate information. A wrongly informed content is better than information not communicated. Content marketing is the act of creating various forms of content that is received well among a specific set of audience.

Well that’s the textbook definition of content marketing. Here’s how we see it.

Content is like a small kid trying to communicate what it wants for Christmas but lacks the proper means to do it. There’s a lack of structure, organization for the people who can understand what a kid does.

Content marketing intensely focuses on creating new forms of content that is relevant and understandable to the masses. At Sociall.In, our creative team markets our clients’ products or services by spinning relatable stories, making stunning visuals through photos, videos and infographics, and writing persuasive ad copies.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, in many ways, has helped businesses to scale to greater heights. This has primarily been the case due to more competition on the internet to rank better content. 

To do this, there exist many approaches like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click advertising, remarketing etc.

Our experts in the domain of digital marketing help businesses lay out a comprehensive strategy to boost online presence either organically or inorganically. 

E-mail Marketing

One of the greatest and immediate inventions following the Internet was email. Emails didn’t serve its destined purpose long until the late 90s when the Internet took off. But what’s even more interesting than that is that emails were used as a form of marketing to reel the recipients in the business.

Today, we employ techniques to effectively use email to market our business. Why? Because checking emails is still the basic thing that people do in life after their morning face wash.

Our digital marketing company houses writers and strategists to plan your email campaigns and help you gain more visitors to your site.

Sociall.In, also dubbed as the purple company, is a creative studio that manages the digital needs of clients across India and few parts of the globe. If you are an individual with a thirst for online presence or a small business owner yearning to improve your social media game, Sociall.In is the place to be.

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