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Website and Brochure Design Strategies for a Cocopeat Exporter


Build an impressive website with Wix
  1. The plan of action for the Cocopeat exporter involves the creation of a high-quality FYI type WIX website (including creating content for the same) and a detailed brochure that can be shared with potential clients.

  2. When it comes to the website - the first stage would be to pick up a suitable domain (at actuals) and connect it over to Wix hosting (at actuals). The rationale for choosing Wix would be that it’s easier to maintain in the long run, and that the security, speed and mobile optimization of the platform is taken for granted. It is also a cost efficient solution.

  3. We’d select a free Wix template, and customize the same by writing in content, setting up the banners and structuring the pages/menu. We’d also send our team over to the factory to take pictures and short clips for the website. Our content team would write the content with a US focus based on the inputs given; and keeping in mind SEO best practices. The travel, board and lodging of the team for the shoot would be at actuals.

  4. The website would usually take a month to complete (based on the provision of content) and we’d then connect it to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Clarity. It would be an FYI type website with Home, About Us, Our Factory, and Contact Us options.

  5. We’d also design a brochure (which can be integrated on the website) which would have upto 10 sides with content (generated by us based on inputs) about the brand, the products, the ESG impact and contact information. The brochure would take 2 weeks to complete, based on inputs.


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