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Website Redesign Strategies For A B2B Clothing Brand | Strategy

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Website Redesign Strategies For A B2B Clothing Brand

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  1. The plan of action for the B2B clothing brand is to revamp the website keeping in mind some preset parameters.

  2. The content (Copy/Banners) for the web site would be provided by the brand. We ’d be responsible for restructuring the same on the existing Content Management System - i.e. Wordpress.

  3. While restructuring the website we need to keep in mind the SEO, the Conversion tags, and the performance of the site. We will make sure that the Design aesthetic matches international standards

  4. We will need to create and optimize two landing pages - one for the current solution and the other for the Ready To Ship Solution.

  5. The idea behind revamping the website is to build a strong base for potential ROI centric Google Ads Campaigns

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