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Website Services and Digital Marketing Strategies for an E-Learning Brand


The strategy for the SAAS LMS provider is divided into two modules - the first involves a one-time revamp of the main website and the second involves monthly recurring digital marketing activities.

When it comes to the one-time website development module, we’d recommend Wix as a platform. This is done because of the security, the performance, and the ease of maintenance. The Wix hosting charges would be at actuals.

We’d begin by setting up a staging website, selecting a template based on reference websites and configuring the website in terms of structure. We’d design the banners, and re-write the content, keeping in mind the distinction between company and product. The website would be an FYI type website with Home, About us, Products, Clients and Contact Us options.

Once the website is ready, we’d connect it over to social media, Google Search Console, Analytics and Clarity. We’d then begin the process of marketing the LMS product.

When it comes to the marketing side of things we’d recommend a strategy that is based on Linkedin, SEO and SEM. With regard to Linkedin we’d set up a content calendar and create infographic posts on the same based on the overall branding guidelines. We’d also cross publish our blogs on the page so that customers can click through to the website. Content ideas would include things like AI in LMS, the user-centric learning approach and the benefits of constant upskilling for staff.

We’d also be running LinkedIn ads (paid to LinkedIn) which would target certain key stakeholders in the HR division of various mid and large size companies across India with sponsored content. This will help generate visitors to the website (where they can fill up lead forms) as well as increase the overall brand awareness of the product. On LinkedIn we can target by job function, industry, location and experience.

When it comes to the SEO section, we’d create blogs regularly on the website, and cross shares the links to Google Business Profiles and LinkedIn. As to deciding the topics for the blog content, we’d focus on things like “Choosing the right LMS for your company” “Video<1>based LMS systems explained”. We’d source ideas for these articles from Google Search Console and Competitor research. We’d also build backlinks for the articles so that overtime the articles rank on the first page of Google organic search.

When it comes to the SEM side of things, we’d run ads against LMBS based keywords in different geographical markets of India. These ads (paid to Google) would bid and keyword optimized for us, in exchange for a handling fee. Users would search for the relevant keywords, and click through to our website’s landing pages. We’d also provide inputs on the content for the landing pages to increase conversions.

We can also send out our blog content in the form of email newsletters to the leads that we generate from our marketing, and those generated by the sales team. The cost of the email software would be at actuals.

We ’d be setting up a Data Studio report to track performance across Linkedin, SEO and SEM in real-time


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