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WordPress Website Revamp Strategies For A Fitness Company | Strategy

Wordpress Website Revamp Strategies For A Fitness Company | Strategy

User-friendly website upgrades
  1. The plan of action for the fitness company involves the revamp of the existing WordPress website in the same platform; and an (optional) security and maintenance contract.

  2. The first stage of the dev cycle would be the theme selection (if premium theme, then it would be billed at actuals) based on the reference provided. Once the theme has been selected, we ’d begin configuring it on the site.

  3. We’d migrate the written content (provided by the client and verified by our team for SEO purpose) to the new site; and (if required, at actuals) procure images that can be placed on the site as banners

  4. We ’d then make the required design level customizations over 3 draft cycles to the site before we go for the final stage of UAT. We ’d then integrate the site with Search Console, Analytics and Clarity.

  5. We ’d (optionally) provide a maintenance package wherein we would be updating the plugins, taking 4 content updates a month and ensuring the security/backups of the site

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