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YouTube Video Creation and YouTube Ad Strategies for an Interior Design Studio

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YouTube Video Creation And YouTube Ad Strategies For An Interior Design Studio

  1. The strategy for the interior design studio is to build a brand in order to increase the quality of the leads already coming in through facebook ads.

  2. When it comes to brand building, we hold that the best platform online today for this type of business would be YouTube. Accordingly, the first stage would be the creation of two different types of ads on YouTube.

  3. We’d shoot top, down, side, and close-up shots as per Amazon specs. While editing we’d take care of color, separation and sharpness.

  4. The other type of video ad we would make would be an in-person, talking-head kind of video. We could collab with an influencer and have them speak in the video (influencer cost at actuals) explaining the project that is in-progress and the care that we bring to the business execution.

  5. Once the video content is ready, we can promote it through YouTube ads (paid to Google) which can run against targeted videos on YouTube as well as on other websites. These would be in-stream, TrueView and Discover type ads and will help us reach higher-value customers; enhancing the brand presence overall. We’d be able to track the performance of these ads through Data Studio.

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