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OTA Listing Optimization For A Hill Resort | Strategy


OTA Listing Optimization For A Hill Resort

  1. The plan of action for the Hill Resort involves listing optimization across OTA (Online Travel Aggregator) platforms in terms of text and images and listing features.

  2. We ’d begin by preparing a checklist of the listing info required against other benchmark listings in the vicinity.

  3. This can be in terms of additional content (text and images) as well as OTA Structured Data/Features which we’re not taking advantage.

  4. We ’d then create a series of questions that the brand can give inputs on - which would serve as a basis for listing optimization.

  5. We ’d then initiate the process of listing optimization by filling out the text description, editing the images provided, and filling out the feature sets offered by the OTAs. The process for one property across six OTAs is expected to take 4 days.

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