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Social Media Marketing, Instagram Ads, And Youtube Ads For A New Tamil Media House | Strategy

Social Media Marketing, Instagram Ads, And YouTube Ads For A New Tamil Media House

  1. The strategy for the New Media House, Tamil, is based on content marketing; and advertising, with a view to ensuring distribution channels at scale in a short period of time.

  2. We ’d set up a content calendar which would be broken up into two-week sprints; these would include hype and timed release style content across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

  3. We ’d also tie in this content to Tamil Pop culture; and current events in order to ensure their maximum reach; while taking advantage of Analytics on trending hashtags, music and time of post.

  4. We ’d also accompany this with a paid advertising strategy which would ensure that the audience size (targeted based on their engagement with other pop culture assets; and the subject matter of the web series) is built up over the period in terms of Youtube and Instagram Subscriber

  5. We ’d set up a Data Analytics dashboard to track the metrics of the content and the ads across platforms in order to ensure maximum reach.

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